Increasing men potency: everything you need to know about the means of restoring and improving erection

The main causes and diagnosis of erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction refers to the inability to achieve and maintain an erection in order to fully complete sexual intercourse. The causes of sexual dysfunction can largely depend on the age of men.

Let’s highlight the most common causes of erectile dysfunction:

To improve potency or identify the main problems of erectile dysfunction, first of all, every man needs to undergo a comprehensive diagnosis. Diagnostics can include the following types of research:

Diagnostics is very important for an objective assessment of the state of men’s health since it is on the basis of diagnostic data that appropriate treatment methods will be selected.

Consider some tips for improving potency in men in order to maintain their sexual health at the proper level.

What is potency?

First, you need to define the concept. Potency is the ability of men having full sexual intercourse, and erectile dysfunction implies a violation of this ability.

The following helps to improve potency:

1. The inclusion of certain foods in your diet that increase the level of the main sex hormone in men – testosterone:

2. Physical activity.

3. Massage.

4. Exercise therapy (remedial physical culture).

It is important to note that it is possible to improve potency in men without medication. The use of the pulsed electrical stimulator Erectron promotes intensive transport of biological fluids (microcirculation) and an increase in the tone of the prostate gland. You can learn more about the action of the Erectonus electric stimulator.