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  • Developed on the principle of devices that are intended for doctors
  • Provides all 4 types of effects simultaneously: infrared LEDs, hardware massage, magnetotherapy and thermotherapy
  • Has a safe "patient" mode, which allows you to be treated at home
  • Increases the effectiveness of drug therapy by an average of 42%

What is a ProstaSmart device?

By purchasing ProstaSmart you will acquire a new generation physiotherapeutic device for the treatment of chronic prostatitis. The pronounced effect of the application is created by infrared LEDs intended for medical use, in combination with hardware massage, magnetotherapy and thermotherapy.

The device underwent placebo-controlled clinical study in accordance with international standards and showed a pronounced clinical effect.

Combination therapy

  • ProstaSmart was developed on the principle of devices that are in a physiotherapy room and intended for doctors.
  • ProstaSmart provides all 4 types of effects simultaneously, which saves time: there is no need for therapy with four different devices.
  • ProstaSmart has a safe patient mode, which allows you to be treated at home.

Effective treatment

  • Clinical trials have proven that ProstaSmart increases the effectiveness of treatment by an average of 42%.
  • There is also evidence that drug therapy also gives better results when using ProstaSmart.


  • It is better to prevent the disease without leading to a chronic form.
  • Massage and infrared radiation prevent congestion in the prostate gland, improve blood circulation and activate testosterone - this is the key to men's health.
  • ProstaSmart will prevent problems with potency and improve your sex life.

The effect of exposure to the ProstaSmart device

Infrared radiation

Due to infrared radiation, cellular respiration of tissues is activated. As a result, blood vessels dilate, blood flow increases and reparative processes accelerate.

Hardware massage

The outflow of prostate secretions, as well as the reduction of congestion, is achieved through vibrations.


Analgesic immunomodulatory and adaptogenic effects are achieved through magnetic therapy, which is created by a constant or variable low-frequency (up to 99 Hz) magnetic field.


The vasodilating effect, improved blood supply, and microcirculation are achieved through thermotherapy.

How is ProstaSmart used?

Causes of male diseases

The root cause of most male diseases is congestion, which, in turn, provokes inflammatory processes. This increases the risk of developing prostate cancer.

Indications for use

ProstaSmart is used for the treatment and prevention of male diseases: urethroprostatitis, chronic prostatitis of various etiologies, prostatovesiculitis, libido and erection disorders, decreased potency, male infertility.

Contraindications for prostate physiotherapy

Prostate physiotherapy has the following contraindications: acute prostatitis, prostate tuberculosis, hemorrhoids, rectal fissures, anal fissures, oncological and benign diseases of the prostate and rectum. Treatment against the background of adenoma is possible by excluding heat and vibration. Before using physiotherapy, consult your doctor and read the instructions.

Results of using ProstaSmart

Physiotherapy has a gentle effect on the prostate, removes swelling, eliminates congestive effects, promotes tissue regeneration, improves metabolic processes and restores functional disorders of the prostate, increases the effectiveness of medications and dietary supplements.

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