Erectonus — the unique EMS electric pulse prostate stimulator

Erectonus is a unique device used for pulse stimulation of smooth muscles of rectum and vagina. It is neither a conventional vibrator, nor an ordinary prostate massager. It does not vibrate at all. Erectonus uses electrical pulses to stimulate your prostate or vagina. So, technically speaking, it is an electrical stimulator or an e-stim device.

  • Small size, though highly effective
  • Features convenient and comfort personal use
  • Wide range of therapeutic applications
  • Zinc coating provides endogenous electrophoresis of zinc ions
  • More than 70 hours of built-in power source life
  • Powered by 3 x AG4 batteries which can be simply changed if discharged.
  • Affordable price and worldwide shipping
  • For both women and men
  • Notable erectile function improvement in just five 10-minute procedures
  • Fights menstrual cycle disorder
  • Fights against frigidity
  • For both women and men
  • Rises your sexual desire
  • Makes your orgasms more intense
  • Ensures men’s erection harder
  • Helps men last longer during sex
  • Improves excretory and endocrinal functions of the prostate gland
  • Battery life for more than 420 10-minute procedures
  • Below $0.60 per procedure

What people say about Erectonus

Although still young, I kept getting difficulties with my erection. Could not get hard enough to satisfy my lady friend. After a week or so of using your prostate massager I noticed my erection is harder and after ejaculating I can get it back much sooner.

April 18, 2021

Thank you! The Item worked very well!. I am careful not to over use it! I wish the Meatal part was a little biger though to make better contact and to cover a little larger area so the placement is less critical. It like a tens placed in side your body! Thanks for a good product and encourage you to make it better.

April 18, 2021

In October 2017, I celebrated my 50th birthday. This age turned to be a new starting point in my relationship with my wife thanks to the Erectonus. I started using the prostate stimulator for enhancing my sex life. And now I think it was just the beginning. I’ve never used anything better.

April 18, 2021

Hi, guys! I just have to share my joy about the things have been going on in my life since I got my prostate stimulator. I used to be worried about my health when an andrologist told me I would have to go through surgery on my prostate if his course of treatment didn’t help. I was terrified, as I hate the thought of operations. That’s why I decided to try your electric stimulator. Anyway, I didn’t lose anything. I don’t know about other guys, but I had a sigh of relief when it turned to be effective. I just want to say THANK YOU!

April 18, 2021