Women frigidity as a form of sexual dysfunction

Frigidity most often manifests itself in a decrease or complete absence of sexual interest, attraction and arousal. A woman may experience symptoms such as: sharp pain during intercourse, vaginismus (involuntary contraction of the vaginal muscles), anorgasmia (it is impossible to achieve orgasm).

What are the main causes of frigidity?

1. Physiological:

  • past diseases (disorders of the endocrine system and brain function, gynecological diseases, genital infections, dysfunctions of the genital organs);

  • deficiency of vitamins in a woman’s body;

  • physical or mental fatigue;

  • asthenia (chronic fatigue syndrome);

  • later development of sensitivity (receiving pleasure does not come immediately but after some time of sexual activity);

  • long absence of sexual relations (more typical for older women);

  • violation of hormonal levels;

  • pregnancy and lactation.

2. Psycho-emotional:

  • dissatisfaction with your body, fear of ridicule from your partner or insults. If such situations happen, then this could provoke the development and aggravation of complexes, closeness;

  • systematic interruption of sexual intercourse to avoid pregnancy;

  • prolonged stress, depression;

  • having trust issues in a relationship, unresolved problems in the family, which have a “cumulative” effect, leading to strong tension in the body and inability to relax;

  • strict upbringing in a family where the topic of sexual relations is prohibited, and any attempts by a girl to show her sexual nature is severely suppressed;

  • monotonous sex life, lack of vivid impressions.

Is it possible to treat frigidity?

Yes, there are several methods that can help you cope with female sexual indifference. The choice of any method largely depends on the correctly established causes of sexual disorder.

Therapeutic methods include:

  • physiotherapy procedures, for example, application of medicinal mud;

  • intimate muscle gymnastics – tumbling. This method of developing controlled vaginal intimate muscles is aimed at building and strengthening them. The effect is achieved with the help of special simulators (lithotherapy, cargo, autonomous, pneumatic Muranivsky simulator), the purposeful effect of which is focused on maintaining the required muscle tone in the intimate zone.

  • psychological techniques in combination with drug therapy;

  • acupuncture.

It should be noted that electrical stimulation is one of the important methods of treating sexual disorders. This method dates back to the late 18th century. With the help of it, they successfully achieved the excitation of the work of individual organs, muscles and body systems. Since then, technology and scientific thought have made great strides forward, and now we are happy to present to your attention, the Erectonus impulse electrical stimulator, which is able to complement and enhance the previously discussed methods of treatment.

This device not only increases the tone of the uterus but also affects the receipt of sexual pleasure. Plus, you don’t need to visit clinics. You can use the electric stimulator in a comfortable home environment, where you can completely relax and focus on your sexual health, which is important to achieve the desired therapeutic effect.