Continuous (chronic) inflammation results from an incurable acute prostatitis. It is characterized by a sustained course and complications related to urogentital organs.

Long-lasting course of the disease is determined by an excessive sexual life or sexual abstinence, constipations, and diseases of the genitourinary system.

If bacterial flora is not detected, chronic process is induced by congestive pathologies or structural and functional changes of the prostate gland.

Bacterial prostatitis treatment includes, first of all, antibacterial therapy. The effect of these drugs is aimed at eradication of causative agents giving rise to this complication.

Patients are recommended to avoid hypodynamia and sedentary life-style and to use therapeutic exercises.
Thermal procedures (baths and microclysters), electrophoresis, mechanotherapy, and digital massage are used to improve blood circulation, metabolic and biochemical processes, as well as to raise the tonus of the prostate gland.

Massage is one of the most effective cure for chronic prostatitis during remission.

Mud therapy, ultrasonic procedures, electrophoresis, and laser therapy are also considered to be effective methods in chronic prostatitis treatment.