Erectile dysfunction cure

Erectile disorders or impotence occur when a man is unable to get or keep his erection firm enough for sexual intercourse. Rare problems with erection do not constitute a cause for an immediate concern. However, if erectile dysfunction becomes regular, it may cause stress, problems in relationships and can seriously affect one’s self-confidence.

Today about 31 percent of men today report having at least one symptom of sexual dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction treatment options include sex counseling, medications, external vacuum devices, hormonal therapy, electric prostate stimulation, etc.

Electric prostate stimulation for erectile dysfunction nowadays is one of the most widely-used methods. Most men suffering from impotence or other symptoms of sexual dysfunction will find that regular prostate massages using electric pulse prostate stimulation help to restore their normal sexual function. Regular prostate massage will increase seminal fluids and can, over time, help a man to overcome impotence issues.

Erectonus electrical prostate stimulation device can be effectively used by men not only as a cure for prostatitis and erotic prostate stimulation but also as an aid in cases of erectile dysfunction.

Female sexual dysfunction or frigidity

Female sexual arousal disorder (FSAD) commonly also referred to as Candace syndrome means a persistent or recurrent inability of a woman to get sufficient sexual excitement. This condition may cause personal distress can be expressed in various ways including lack of or reduced vaginal lubrication, decreased clitoral and labial engorgement, and lack of vaginal smooth muscle relaxation. These dysfunctions are associated with a wide range of psychological or social factors. These include such states of mood as anxiety, depression, anger, as well as problems in relationships, dissatisfaction with a woman’s sexual partner, etc.

Doctors can recommend different methods of managing the psychosexual causes of sexual arousal disorder. For example, discussing sexual activities that a woman finds pleasurable and a pace of sexual activities that could facilitate her arousal with her sexual partner. The introduction of erotic aids, such as vibrators and other electrical stimulators can be also very effective for women with this kind of sexual disorders. Pulse stimulation with Erectonus is a helpful method, as electrical pulses irritate nerve endings of uterine cervix and the posterior vaginal fornix. This ensures the increase of uterine tone, provides a strong haemostatic effect, and normalizes ovarian function. Therefore, use of Erectonus constitutes one of the most effective mans of reduction of symptoms of female sexual dysfunction or frigidity.