Prostatitis causes, diagnosis, forms

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Prostatitis is one of the most wide-spread urological male disease. It involves inflammation of the prostate gland. In most cases it is caused by the impact of an infectious agent, which to a large extent is facilitated by anatomical position of the prostate in the small pelvis. Infection can enter the prostate gland from urinary bladder, urethra, and through blood and lymphatic vessels of the small pelvis.

The main forms of prostatitis

Clinical signs of prostatitis are many-sided. At first the patient usually feels certain decrease of sexual activity and is not satisfied with the quality of his sexual life. This can be explained by inability to reach multiple orgasms or having not as intense orgasm as usual. The first serious symptoms include reduction of urine stream force, frequent urination during day or night time, imperative feeling of urination, painful urination, painful sensations in the perineum area associated with ejaculation. Step by step most of prostate gland becomes involved in this inflammatory process leading to impotency and even sterility.Pathogenesis of the disease is based on the formation of “vicious circle”. Initially the prostate is in unfavorable anatomical position causing venous stagnation. This, in turn, causes loss of tissue immunity and leads to contact, lymphogenous or hematogenous infection. Inflammatory process results in deterioration of secretion outflow. Further, glandular acinuses become overfilled with secretion, which is followed by disturbance of microcirculation and contractile function of glandular segments. This creates favorable conditions for spreading the infection involving new prostate segments. And when the greater part of prostate is enveloped in chronic inflammatory process, the bacterium that has caused inflammation no longer plays the leading role, because even in the absence of bacteria the inflammatory process will progress due to involving autoimmune and hardening processes.Thus it is evident that elimination of infection agents alone will not lead to full recovery. Such therapy will provide a remission of the disease with following reactivation of inflammation. Therefore, the key aspect of prostatitis treatment should be not the antibacterial therapy, but normalization of secretion outflow from glandular acinuses and restoration of blood microcirculation. Increase of contractile activity of muscle elements in pelvic area is also very important.The above principles require some universal method of treatment, which is physiotherapy, and in the first place electrical pulse stimulation.

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Prostatitis treatment with electrical pulse stimulation

According to medical literature pulse stimulation was first used for treatment of men’s diseases in 1899. Further the influence of current stimulation on men’s potency was examined in 1916. Lately different types of physiotherapy are used as an aid in cases of chronic prostatitis and its consequences. These include electrotherapy, dyadinamic currents therapy, pulse stimulation used with transrectal, endourethral and sacro-abdominal methods. These methods influence male hot spots and spinal centers responsible for erection and ejaculation.But these devices have some disadvantages such as high prices, low capacity, bulky size, impossibility of prostatitis treatment at home, etc. Considering the fact that patients do not like to stay at hospital and prefer out-patient treatment, or even better, at home, they need a simple, compact, and safe physiotherapeutic device, which they may use as many times as they need.Erectonus electrical pulse prostate stimulator is a highly effective, non-expensive, safe and convenient way how to treat prostatitis at home. It conforms with all of above-stated requirements and may become a good aid for prostatitis patients. Erectile dysfunction cure with Erectonus, as well as the possibility of managing female frigidity, plus use of Erectonus for erotic stimulation constitute additional benefit of this innovative device.