Prostate massage

Massage of the prostatic gland or prostate is applied both as a therapeutic aid and for sexual pleasure.

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Therapeutic prostate massage

Therapeutic or medicinal massage is one of the methods of maintaining the health of the prostatic gland. Improvement of blood circulation in the prostate region represents the key advantage of this method. Sedentary life-style, for example, causes reduction of blood flow to the prostate, which in turn results in erectile dysfunction, problems with secretion, urination etc. Prostate massage improves blood circulation thus ensuring its proper functioning.

Many urologists and andrologists apply massage to promote circulation in the prostate region, as well as to eliminate toxins and stagnant fluids. However some specialists regard prostate massage as a method of alternative medicine, notwithstanding the fact that conventional medicine still finds it effective.

Erectonus also stimulates flow of oxygen-rich blood to the prostate and can be efficiently used for therapeutic purposes.

Erotic prostate massage

Prostatic gland is sometimes also referred as the male G-spot.

Stimulation of the prostate participating in the production of seminal fluid can serve as a means to harden erection, ensure prolongation of sexual intercourse and more intense and long-lasting orgasm.

Erectonus can substantially diversify and enrich sexual life. It can be used both for both when alone or as an element of a love play.

Prostate massagers

External prostate massage is possible; however, it is difficult to implement and uneffective. Internal prostatic gland massage requires special anal massagers.

Prostate massagers often have the function of vibration (anal vibrators); however, there are also devices for manual prostate stimulation. Devices for simultaneous internal and external massage are also available on the market.

Prostate massagers are usually made of silicon and have a bulbous head on the one end and a handle on the other end. Once the massager is inserted its head induces prostate excitation due to its coming into contact with the device.

Erectonus can be used both for internal prostate stimulation and for external stimulation of the perinea region. Erectonus stimulates the prostate by a certain sequence of electrical pulses.

Erectonus — electrical stimulator

Erectonus is neither a massager nor a vibrator. It does not massage or vibrate. Erectonus is an autonomous electric prostatic or vaginal stimulator. Using a series of electrical pulses this device stimulates smooth muscles and improves circulation in the region of small pelvis.

Therapeutic functions of Erectonus represent its primary advantage over conventional vibrators and massagers. Unlike these devices Erectonus fights prostatitis, including its chronic form, reduces pain, prevents sexual dysfunction in men and frigidity in women, as well as regulates menstrual cycle.

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Furthermore, the surface of the cap of the device is covered with zinc layer which provides endogenous electrophoresis of zinc ions.

What does the zinc give:

  • Increases the number and mobility of spermatozoids;
  • Promotes production of testosterone — the main male sex hormone;
  • Is essential for proper prostate function;
  • Has antibacterial effect;
  • Facilitates wound healing;
  • Exhibits general immunopotentiating activity.