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Erotic prostate stimulation

Prostate is a male gland regulating the function of the whole reproductive system of men. It is responsible for the quality of sexual life. One of the methods to avoid prostatic disorders and improve your sexual life is prostate stimulation. It is not only very effective, but also incredibly pleasant and can be used at home. Prostate can be stimulated both through the anus and by massage of the perineum. A wide-range of prostate stimulators are available today. Erectonus device for erotic prostate stimulation is a helpful tool to use for erotic stimulation.

Prostate is a small lump resembling a walnut. It is located in perineum and grows in size during arousal. Stimulation of prostate provides a strong and long-lasting orgasm, because this little gland contains thousands of nerve endings.

Orgasms experienced during the massage of prostate are completely different from usual ones. They are much longer and stronger.

Erectonus prostate stimulator is the best e-stim device for those men who care about their health, have no complexes and are ready for experiments. Besides that, the device can be used both when alone or as an element of a love play. Electric stimulation improves blood circulation in penis and increases its sensitivity. Furthermore, Erectonus can be also used for stimulation of nerve endings of uterine cervix and the posterior vaginal fornix of women. Therefore, it is a unique device to diversify sexual life of both partners.

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In the recent years electrosex stimulation became very popular due to a great variety of available devices. The idea of erotic electro stimulation is the use of electric impulses to stimulate male or female G spots. Electrosex can be practiced both by a person alone or in a pair. Popularity of this type of sexual experience can be explained by the fact that it extends the boundaries of sexual pleasure, provides an intense and controllable orgasm, stimulation of muscles, etc.

Electric stimulators are easy to use and safe. Erectonus electric stimulation device will provide a wide range of applications to irritate nerve endings in genital organs of both men and women. Its quite the thing you need to improve your sexual life, get the best pleasure from it, and make your partner even more excited during your sexual intercourse.

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