This user manual describes the methods of application of the device both for men and women. This device is intended to be used for treatment of such conditions as chronic prostatitis, sexual dysfunction, menstrual dysfunction, chronic inflammatory processes in genitals, functional female sterility, etc.

Information contained herein may be useful for consultants and people without medical education.

Method of use are quite similar to that of Dr. Erector – predecessor of Erectonus, which some of our customers may be familiar with. However, it should be noted that Erectonus has a unique zinc coating providing endogenous electrophoresis of zinc ions, and this additional feature distinguishes it from Dr. Erector.

EMS pulse prostate stimulator Erectonus

Description and specifications

The ERECTONUS is an autonomous pulse stimulator, which has a +4.5V loaded pulsing capsule and a handle for
comfortable use in rectal and vaginal areas.

The stimulator capsule consists of two hemispheric metal caps, which are put together on a dielectric adapter sleeve. There are 3 x
AG4 batteries (type G4, LR626, LR66, 177, SR626W, GP77A, 377) inside the capsule and a microcircuit of squarewave generator, which produces electrical impulses on 100-400 Ohm load resistor with the following parameters:

Check the video to get information how does the ERECTONUS device function here

The using of ERECTONUS in rectum

1. Erectonus device is supplied in an opened condition, with detached batteries in order to save its charging. Before use of the ERECTONUS you will need to put 3 x AG4 batteries with + side to the bottom of the

capsule (the side with connected handle) and to screw both capsule’s parts tightly together until the contact wire won’t be seen above lower hemisphere.

2. Please wash your hands in order to provide hygiene and to avoid the electrostatic influence on ERECTONUS capsule and wipe the capsule with a cotton cloth poured with 70% ethanol, and 6% hydrogen peroxide, one after another.

3. Check if the stimulator is in working condition and has right battery connection by pressing the tips of supplied LED to metal hemispheres of capsule and keep them in this position at least for 10 seconds. Please be sure the long end of the LED tips touches the upper part of the capsule.

4. When the device is capable to work the LED will blink every 3 seconds. If it does not blink, change the position of tips (put them to opposite poles) and try again. If the LED does not blink periodically in both these positions you will need to change the batteries as stated in clause 2.

5. In order to make installation of the device easier grease the capsule with vegetable oil (sunflower-seed oil, sea-buck thorn, pumpkin, cedar oil or similar). Lie on the left side, bend your knees and press them to your breast, then slowly put the capsule of stimulator into rectum to a depth of 6-8 cm, so that the capsule is located at the prostate level.

6. Stimulation starts after the contact between mucous membrane of rectum and electrodes of stimulator. In this time you can sense distinctive contractions of muscles in the

rectum, perineum, pubis and along the urethra. If you do not sense such contractions it may indicate the wrong position of capsule of stimulator in the rectum relatively the level of prostate. Please correct the position of capsule until you can sense typical contractions of muscles. Also the peristalsis of large intestine may increase. Stimulator should be kept in this position (at the level of prostate) during the whole procedure.

7. The duration of the procedure must be about 8-10 minutes. The treatment procedure should be carried out every day or every other day. The course of treatment includes 10-15 procedures and it may be repeated in 3 or 4 months (2 or 3 treatment courses a year).

8. ERECTONUS may be used for immediate help in order to cause or improve the erection of penis. improve the erection of penis. For this purpose the stimulator should be put into the rectum just before the coitus. It may be kept in the rectum at the level of prostate (on the depth of 6-8 cm) directly during the coitus, because it does not cause any negative reactions in sexual partners. The positive effect of erection stimulation starts in the first minutes of stimulation.

9. After 3-5 procedures of stimulation the patient will note the improvement of penis erectile function, that will enable to make a pause in using Erectonus for 2 or 3 weeks.

10. At the end of procedure smoothly extract the stimulator from the rectum, wash it thoroughly with the soap and hot water, wipe it with disinfectant (70% alcohol, or any other); then dry it and put into the package. If the capsule of stimulator gets damp, it will continue to work and consume energy, leading to the decrease of service life

Please be noted! Men can use this device by rectal application only. Apparently method of use in women differs. Women can use ERECTONUS for both rectum and vagina application. When using in vagina woman should lie on her back and move apart her hips, and then medical assistant puts carefully and smoothly the capsule of stimulator into the vagina along its back wall to setting it in the back fornix. Woman also may do this procedure herself. After that she may strengthen her legs or lie in another comfortable position.

Pulse stimulation starts just after the contact between the mucous membrane of vagina and the capsule of pulse stimulator, and it can be sensed as tingling, weak tremor and other unusual sensations. The duration of the procedure should be about
10-15 minutes. With each next procedure you may increase the duration for 5 minutes leading it to 25-30 minutes. One more important issue in the process of treatment is psychological readiness for this procedure, including a good mood for achievement of optimal treatment effect, and comfortable and friendly climate around the patient (family relationships, sexual
relationships, etc.). Each procedure of pulse stimulation should be carried out in favorable and comfortable situation, without any interference, jokes and sarcasm about this intimate problem. Partner’s support and love is also needed.