Baltic Advertising Company is an official distributor of Erectonus for U.S.A. and Europe, as well as worldwide.

Our company is a one-stop store for men and women wishing to improve their sexual lives and avoid long-lasting and complex treatment.

Our experience has shown that our customers trust the quality and value they get with this device. We believe that Erectonus offers a great option for those who are not entirely satisfied with their sexual activity, suffer from erectile dysfunction, unpleasant prostate conditions, frigidity, or menstrual disorders.

We are striving to become a leader in this field and to support our customers in any aspect of their use of the Erectonus.

Therefore, considering intimate nature of our product we offer discreet billing and shipping and are always ready to answer your questions related to the use of Erectonus.

Erectonus is not a Dr.Erector device and Baltic Advertising Company has no connection to DrErector.Com LLC. Erectonus is just a kind of likely prostate electrical stimulator developed by Russian Research and Development Institute of Semiconductor Devices in Russian Federation. We don’t take any responsibility for actions made by DrErector.Com LLC or their employees.

You may submit your questions or describe your problem using the CONTACT US form or reach us directly using e-mail addresses listed there.

We will get back to you in no more than 48 hours.