Purpose of Erectonus

Erectonus pulse prostate stimulator is used for pulse stimulation (electrical stimulation) of smooth muscles of rectum or vagina. Unlike its predecessor, Dr. Erector, it also enables internal electrophoresis of zinc ions. The device is highly effective, has wide therapeutic potentialities, and features convenient and comfortable use along with independent power supply. Erectonus can be used both by medical institutions and for domestic use. The purpose of the electrical pulse stimulator Erectonus is to activate smooth muscles of rectum, prostate gland, vagina and uterine cervix (neck of the womb) by sequential electrical pulses. Erectonus is a noninvasive device influencing pathological foci located deep in the rectum or vagina by means of a sequence of electrical pulses.



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The Erectonus stimulator capsule consists of two hemispheric metal caps, which are put together on a dielectric adapter sleeve. There
are 3 x
AG4 batteries (type G4, LR626, LR66, 177, SR626W, GP77A, 377) inside the capsule and a microcircuit of squarewave generator, which produces electrical impulses on 100-400 Ohm load resistor with the following parameters:

  • Voltage amplitude of the impulse – 3-5 V
  • Pulse duration – 6 milliseconds
  • Pulse repetition period – 24 milliseconds
  • Burst time – 380 milliseconds
  • Burst period – 3 seconds

Electrical pulses activate metabolic processes, immune reactions, increase muscle activity and microcirculation of blood in pelvic area. This prevents the formation of stagnant blood, facilitates outflow of metabolic products, reduces edema, and restores the nervous conductivity and motor activity of smooth muscles of rectum, prostate, and vagina.

Electrical pulses also have analgesic and neurotrophic effects, which in their turn facilitate the process of recovery. Both increase of blood circulation in genitals and reflex influence on cerebral and spinal centers result in improvement of sexual function in men and women.

Pulse stimulation improves excretory and endocrinal functions of the prostate gland, stimulates the production of testosterone by Leydig cells in testicles, normalizes hormonal balance, increases the mobility of spermatozoids, and raises their sperm concentration.

Electrical pulses irritate nerve endings of uterine cervix and the posterior vaginal fornix, which results in the increase of uterine tone, causes haemostatic effect, as well as normalizes ovarian function and reduces the effects of female sexual arousal disorder, commonly referred to as frigidity.

Average treatment course includes 10-15 procedures (one or two times a day); the duration of procedures is from 10 to 30 minutes each.

Erectonus is intended for individual use only; however, it is suitable for repeated individual procedures.


For men

  1. Chronic prostatitis in the stadium of moderate aggravation or remission stadium
  2. Sexual dysfunction in association with chronic prostatitis or without it, that includes:
    • Deterioration of erection of penis
    • Disability to keep up the erection during the coitus (before ejaculation)
    • Decrease of coitus duration
    • Lack of ejaculation or its difficulty
    • Deterioration of orgasm sensation

For women

  1. Disorder of menstrual cycle caused by insufficient ovaries function, ovulatory failure
  2. Functional sterility caused by disordered contractility of uterine tubes, low ovaries function
  3. Medical rehabilitation after operations on uterine tubes and ovaries
  4. Sexual dysfunction, frigidity
  5. Hysteroptosis (prolapse of uterus)



  • Implanted cardiostimulator (pacemaker)
  • Individual intolerance
  • Common contraindications for physiotherapy
  • Clottage in hemorrhoidal veins (hemorrhoidal thrombosis)
  • Epilepsy

For men

  • Hemorrhoids or prostatitis in acute stage
  • Benign prostatic hypertrophy (overgrowth of prostate gland), acute urinary retention (difficulty)
  • Malignant neoplasm of genitourinary apparatus

For women

  • Acute inflammatory process in genitals
  • Hormone dependent diseases of genitals (myoma of the uterus, ovary cyst)
  • Malignant neoplasm of genitourinary apparatus
  • Sutures, wounds, ulcers, fissures in vagina
  • Sexual dysfunction of central genesis
  • Pregnancy (pulse stimulation may lead to abortion)

Safety and Precautions

According to the type of patient and personnel protection from current stroke this electrical stimulator corresponds to class 1; working voltage – safe ultra low-voltage (according to GOST R 50267.0-92)

Be careful during application of the electrical stimulator. Do not drop it on the floor, as this may affect its constructional integrity and cause internal damage.

Use the stimulator strictly individually in accordance with the instructions provides in the user’s manual.

Technical characteristics

Pulse duration 6×10-3 ± 20% sec
Pulse repetition period within the sequence 24×10-3 ± 20% sec.
Burst time 66×10-3 ±20% sec.
Burst period 3 ± 20% sec.
Maximal pulse amplitude, 100 Ohm load resistor 10±20% mA
Minimal pulse amplitude, 400 Ohm load resistor 4 mA
Weight 20 g

Delivery package

Erectonus stimulator 1 piece
Test LED indicator 1 piece
Black case 1 piece
User manual 1 piece